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President's Message


Inspiring Our Generation,
Technical Revolution,
Innovation for Tomorrow

In the present day, every aspect of the conventional order must undergo change.

In the face of a society and global information that are in day-to-day flux, we need to respond flexibly with a highly sophisticated sensibility.

We must meet the technological development in today's world by keeping our vision wide so that we can take into consideration not only those immediate outcomes delivered by technologies, but also society, the global environment and the influences on human lives in the future.

BBS KINMEI's corporate policy, "contribute ideas and joy of creation by and as human beings to society and pursue innumerable possibilities", is standing on the longtime development experiences that satisfy expectations of changing society.

We continue to make utmost efforts day by day to provide timely and appropriate customer-centered solutions for technologies needed in today’s world and the emerging new needs of the next generation, grounded on the ideas "Inspire Our Generation, Technical Revolution, Innovation for Tomorrow".


Ryunosuke Kawahara
Chief Executive Officer