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Machine Tools and Peripheral Equipment

Based on our experience cultivated over many years as a manufacturer of special purpose machines, BBS KINMEI endeavours to develop products that satisfy customer requirements. Based on transfer machines and index machines, we design conveying equipment and fixtures specifically for each product (e.g. automotive parts), to offer flexible, highly productive equipment. We also offer custom-made duplex milling machines in addition to those listed in the catalogue.


With excellent cost/performance ratio, this machine is specialized for two-face machining of small articles.
The compact processing section and the covers around the point of operation prevent the dispersion of swarf. We offer the most suitable machine for each item to be processed (automotive parts, hydraulic valves, etc.) according to the shape, material, and precision requirements.




A duplex milling machine specialized for high-rigidity two-face machining. This machine, which is both highly versatile and customizable due to its basic structure, can be used to process various products in various production processes. We also offer a wide variety of optional features, such as an automatic loader/unloader, a wet/semidry milling function, and a material measurement function, as well as customer-specific design services, to satisfy customer requirements.




Equipped with three independent multi-clamp units, this duplex milling machine can handle a wide variety of products. It can handle plates and blocks with a length up to 700 mm, and can simultaneously process three plates with a length up to 250 mm and a thickness up to 8 mm each. For processing special workpieces such as valve bodies, it is also possible to place respective fixtures for 2-face, 4-face, or 6-face machining to carry out 1-cycle 3-step processes.




A duplex milling machine capable of four-face machining and chamfering in one chucking. With the cover optimized based on our original ideas and the suction unit, the dispersion of dust and other particles, which are generated when processing various materials such as carbon, ceramics, and resins, is prevented. We thus offer equipment that is friendly to the environment.



Flexible special-purpose machines
(Transfer machines / Index machines / Cell machines)

Leveraging our technical prowess established through an extensive track record, we offer systems that are highly cost-effective, satisfy the customer requirements, and yield profits over a long period of time.




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製品に関するお問い合わせ・ご相談 TEL.(076)275-6131