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Solar Cell Manufacturing Equipment

Based on technologies developed for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, our solar cell manufacturing equipment has achieved the highest productivity in the industry, as well as high precision and low cost of ownership. We actively conduct research and development into manufacturing equipment that will lead the solar cell market in new directions.


The TGP350C/TGP500RC/TGP650/TGP1000 Twin Grinding and Polishing Machines

An impressively best-selling line of solar cell silicon ingot polishing machines.

A single unit of TGP completes the following operations on monocrystalline/polycrystalline silicon ingots in a single process: surface grinding, flat/round chamfering, rough grinding and final polishing. Industry-topping productivity is achieved through simultaneous double-side processing, along with high-precision, stable, high-quality processing through the automatic measurement feedback mechanism.



The TS500/TS1000 Twin Squaring Machines

Squaring machines for monocrystalline silicon ingots for solar cells.
User-friendly features such as the automatic seam detector, simple setup procedures, and the OD saw for easy tool change, reduce the operator’s workload. These machines are also equipped with a proprietary mechanism to accurately square the workpiece.



The TSGP500 Twin Squaring And Grinding Combined System

Two of BBS KINMEI’S best-selling series, TGP and TS, are combined into one system.
The functions necessary for the processing of monocrystalline silicon ingots for solar cells, including seam detection, square cutting, and flat and round surface polishing, are integrated into one automated system, enabling stable, high-quality processing with improved work efficiency in a small space. It is also possible to carry out the squaring and grinding processes independently, thus allowing flexible operation according to your production schedule.




BBS equipment and the process flow for processing monocrystalline silicon for solar cells




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