Health and safety policy | BBS KINMEI CO.,LTD.

Health and safety policy

Basic principle

We take the enhancement of health and safety as an important task in our business activities. All our managers and employees deeply recognise the preciousness of "being safe" and "staying healthy". We as a company are all uniting to cope with the achievement of a work environment free from accidents and disasters that is safe and sound.


Basic policy

  • We shall promote health and safety activities with all employees involved, aiming for "zero industrial accidents" to enhance health and safety levels.
  • We shall observe the laws and regulations in relation to industrial health and safety and our in-house health and safety management regulations, advancing our health and safety activities.
  • We shall make sure of the safety and health of our employees, advancing the establishment of a comfortable work environment.
  • We shall make use of risk assessment relating to all the business activities of BBS KINMEI, learn the risk factors and harmful factors precisely, and advance activities to reduce them.
  • We shall provide educational courses and training sessions to have all employees understand our health and safety policy in an effort to raise the awareness of industrial health and safety.



1 April 2015

Ryunosuke Kawahara
Chief Executive Officer