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Environmental policy

Basic principle

BBS KINMEI Co., Ltd. is aware that the preservation of the global environment is the most important responsibility on all human beings. We reduce the environmental burden in our corporate activities as well as in our products and services, acting in consideration of the prevention of environmental pollution.


Basic policy

We, standing on our activities in designing, producing, and selling solar cell manufacturing equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and machine tools are engaged in environmental preservation activities based on the following policy.


  1. We establish our environmental management system, prevent environmental pollution, carry out environmental preservation activities, and make efforts for the continuous improvement of our environmental management system.
  2. We observe the legal regulations and the other agreed requirements in relation to the environment.
  3. Standing on the environmental characteristics of our activities, products, and services, we shall engage in the following as important tasks in determining and implementing our environmental objectives and goals.
    1)We shall develop the energy-saving characteristics of our products and make efforts to produce products that have a low burden on the environment.
    2)We shall endeavour to reduce the consumption of electric power, the major energy consumed.
    3)We shall strive for the proper handling and recycling of waste, and strive for its reduction.
    4)We shall carry out the appropriate management of the oils, greases, and lubricants used in our production processes and make efforts for the prevention of environmental pollution incidents, including those due to unforeseen circumstances.
  4. We shall, through the provision of educational courses on the environment and participation in activities for preserving the environment, endeavour to raise environmental awareness among all our employees and teams.


1 April 2015

Ryunosuke Kawahara
Chief Executive Officer