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Quality policy

Basic quality policy

  1. We shall provide products that meet the quality requirements of the customer and contribute to the community through our business activities.
  2. We shall make efforts to enhance each individual’s skills and cooperate to establish an attractive work environment.



Our quality goals in fiscal year 2015

1. Skill improvement

■We shall make specific actions to improve each individual’s skills.

■We shall make efforts to obtain national certifications.


2. Advancing the standardization (in all work and business units)

■We shall complete the integration of standards and implement them in the workplace.


3. Embodying improvement proposals

■We shall enhance our awareness of problems, conduct detailed analyses, and make proposals for improvements.


4. Thorough observance of the 5S methodology for an organized workplace: sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain

■We shall remember our original resolution and continue with its thorough implementation.

■We shall make sure to exchange greetings.


5. Substantiating the Q file

■We shall implement in full, conforming to the quality plan sheet.

■We shall develop the content of the checklist and thoroughly implement the checking procedure.

■We shall take and keep the records and thoroughly apply the feedback to next-generation machines.

■We shall be thorough in maintaining simplified journals and records.


1 April 2015

Ryunosuke Kawahara
Chief Executive Officer