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Graduate employment

Ideal candidate

BBS KINMEI wants those who "are brave enough to work hard for their dreams", "are unbiased and single-minded", and can "carry out their work with enthusiasm". In short, it is "diligent people" that we want.


Careers and positions open to you

We provide you with a two-week general training course after you join us, in which you learn business manners and some basic knowledge about the products.

After this, you learn practical skills in the production division, a stage that continues for about one year. This on-site training course includes the training that enables you to solve problems and to go forward by recalling the points of your training even if you encounter some problems after being assigned to a post.

In addition, we believe that the personal relationships that you make on the course will serve you after you are assigned to a different division.

Even after you are assigned to a post, you are encouraged to take part in various types of study sessions and seminars for obtaining specific qualifications, where senior employees give you lectures, as well as third-party seminars as necessary. You are expected to gradually improve your skills while working with us.

Six months after you join BBS KINMEI, we consider your aptitude and preference to assign you a post.


Support for your career improvement

  1. You participate in a new employee training course held by an association we belong to.
  2. We have in-house study sessions, which are held every now and then. In addition, we hold career-improvement general training sessions led by invited outside lecturers.
  3. We encourage employees to take national skills tests and to obtain other certifications.


Basic information about the employment of new graduates

Job opening type

Technical jobs (machine design, control design, machining, assembly)

Application and selection

Documents you submit: C.V., certificate of expected graduation, academic record
Selection procedure: Interview, general knowledge test

Work conditions


Commuting, family, skills, certification

Holidays and leave


Holidays: 117 days a year (national holidays, summer holidays, year-end and new-year holidays, etc. according to the BBS Calendar)

Leave: annual paid leave, congratulatory or condolence leave, refreshment leave (10-, 20-, and 30-year service)

Business hours

8 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.


Head office (Asahigaoka, Hakusan City), Yokohama Technical Centre (Sales; Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Welfare program

Employee pension fund, property accumulation savings, recognition of continuous service, congratulatory and/or condolence money, company trip, ball game tournament, BBQ party

Educational program

New employee training, study sessions for obtaining various types of certifications, sales trainings, other

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