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New Products



Semiconductor Equipment

The “E-300/450 Prime” Edge Polishing System (Ver. 2.0)

This new product combines high quality, high productivity, and low cost of ownership for silicon wafer edge polishing.

Employing the one-unit processing method (centrifugal force following method), this system allows for the application of uniform load while following the edge profiles and for the polishing of three faces simultaneously. The entire portions of the edges and edge roll-offs can be uniformly processed.





Ball Joint System

The impressive positioning capability of BBS KINMEI’s proprietary ball joint system enables high clamping accuracy and stable crystal orientation.


【Ball Joint Bonder】

Fully automates the bonding of alignment fixtures required for cylindrical grinding of brittle materials such as single crystal sapphire. Equipped with two tilt mechanism axes, this machine can determine the cylindrical grinding rotation axis in accordance with the crystal orientation axis. The off-angle can be set to any desired angle.

The ball joint system dispenses with the need for processing of cylinder end surfaces for parallelism, which leads to process reduction.



 【Cylindrical/OF Grinder】

The ball joint system enables the machine to achieve stable crystal orientation independent of clamping surface precision level. With double main spindles, which significantly reduce tact time, this revolutionary machine does not require end face grinding in preceding processes.





Square Edge Polishing System

This edge polishing machine, which supports the processing of square-shaped workpieces such as photomasks, achieves a polishing quality on the order of angstroms through chemical-mechanical polishing. An edge handling mechanism is employed for workpiece transfer and processing sections to minimize damage to surfaces. It is possible to handle workpieces of various sizes, as well as allowing combinations of processing of various portions including end faces, bevels, corners, and cut marks.





Solar Cell Manufacturing Equipment

The TGP700 Twin Grinding and Polishing Machine

A new product from the impressive best-selling line of solar cell silicon ingot polishing machines.

This is the best machine to contribute to the improved production of monocrystalline silicon ingots, for which we have received many requests from our customers. This machine can handle 700-mm ingots corresponding to the next-process slice length of recent years.