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Consumables and Subsidiary Materials


Consistently aiming to be at the leading edge in providing high-performance products —
BBS KINMEI’s consumables and subsidiary materials: we continue to polish our approach day in, day out.

While seeking out new fields of application and taking on new challenges, as well as accurately understanding the needs of the age, BBS KINMEI supplies consumables and subsidiary materials that meet customer requirements — offering products and services with a high degree of perfection that can best suit to various machines of diverse categories, by maturing our existing products, and by specializing in certain fields.


Main products
Polishing cloth

Polishing pads made of nonwoven fabric impregnated with polyurethane. Providing a high polishing rate, these pads contribute to longevity.


Optimally balanced abrasive agent made of high-purity colloidal silica and other base materials with our original additives, based on an idea that goes against the conventional trend. It achieves excellent polishing performance even when highly diluted.

Grinding wheels

Used for grinding and polishing silicon ingots, which are primary materials of solar cells. Available in several types, including metal-bonded and resin-bonded wheels. These wheels allow your equipment to demonstrate optimal performance and stable operation.