ISO certified | BBS KINMEI CO.,LTD.

ISO certified

Quality management—ISO 9001

We take thorough measures and make full implementation in all phases of our business to provide our customers with products that satisfy quality standards, meet the delivery date, and have a fair price. Our on-site training sessions, role-specific education courses, and self-enlightening programs enhance each and every individual’s technical expertise and improve work-place skills through cooperation. These activities are intended to build up the best of human resources.


Environmental management—ISO 14001

For us to have a healthy and bountiful life, our environment has to be rich with the beauty of nature in our own area and all over the world. We are aware that it is our responsibility to pass on this natural heritage in as well preserved a form as possible to the next generation. Through its business activities, BBS KINMEI is active in preserving and improving the environment, thinking and acting to build up a community that protects the environment.